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 MiSFIT Dance Workout classes are sweaty dance parties 

 empowering all women to not give a damn what they 

 look like, to embrace their sexuality and let go! 

It doesn't feel like a workout, but an hour of fun where you can pretend your in

front of the mirror, with no inhibitions, letting s**t go, loving yourself,

loving your body, and having a BLAST whilst doing it!


If you end up free styling and busting your own moves out or adding to the

easy to follow choreograph – WHO CARES!


Set in a dimly lit room with neon disco lighting gives the dance floor a nightclub feel, making it extremely uplifting and empowering to just be yourself


“You can come in feeling crap and you can go out just feeling amazing from a high energy dance class where you can truly be a misfit”


Music and dance are great stress relievers, and can help to boost your confidence,

a great way to get your blood pumping, keep your heart healthy and

meet some great people along the way.

Floor filler tunes from the 90's to recent dance anthems and

world cultural bangers will set you up for 

torching the calories, toning arms,

legs, mid-section & BOOTY. 

 All classes are suitable for every fitness level, zero body judgment 

 and packed full of fun! 

Don't forget your trainers and sportswear/streetwear/fitness clothing…

something you can dance in...but no heels and make sure you bring some water.

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