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Drum stick workout/ fitness




Using RockStix's, a pair of ultra bright LED light up drumsticks in

BRILLIANT BLUE, RED & GREEN transforming your workout into a energizing, exhilarating, effective full-body conditioning, 

cardio, strength training and flexibility workout.

      Drumming is an incredibly effective way to
           express yourself and to de-stress in
                       a productive way...!




Become the music, rockin' out to your favorite tunes whilst drumming - beating off those pounds!


  DRUM N BEAT   is designed for all fitness levels, with high or low options (every move can be modified), you will improve your rhythm, speed, coordination and balance whilst toning all the major muscle groups. 

You will work on your stability and core strength, sculpting the arms, thighs, butt and waistline using yoga and pilates-inspired moves.


What perfect way can you rock out whilst you workout unless the atmosphere and venue is not set for a party - think darkened room with funky disco lights and neon UV glow along with your LED RockStix's for letting loose, pounding out your frustrations, 

whilst losing weight and getting in shape.

* Cardio & muscle conditioning          * Energy & motivation

    * Flexibility & balance                           * Co-ordination & focus 

* Brain connections & productivity

 If you haven't tried our  DRUM N BEAT  workout, you're truly missing out!


 Getting ripped, pounding out rhythms to pumping music is Addictive! 

 You can now have more fun exercising and losing weight

 than ever before!  


 Workout in style! 

Drum stick fitness
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