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6:00pm  SOULSTEP

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7:00pm  IGNITE

Please Book to Guarantee Your Space
Classes are held at at Kings, Pixon lane, Tavistock




* If you have any Covid symptoms, have been in close contact with a Covid case or feel ill in anyway please do not come to class and risk other participants

* Social Distancing - due to the size of Kings large hall we have plenty of room to keep to 2 meters apart at all times for everyone's saftey

* Full ventilation at all times with three double doors fully opened for fresh air

* One way system to the toilet

* We will ask everyone to wait outside until invited in. This allows us to have everything ready for your session or for the first class to leave through a seprate exit


* We will ask you to use the designated Enter and Exit doors


* Please use the sanitiser on arrival


* Please bring your own mat/ towel to the classes that needs it


* Please bring your own water as there is none available at the venue


* We advise you to bring your own kettlebell, however there can be a few available if we are notified at the time of booking


* All classes to be booked and paid for outside of the class teaching hours, so no booking during class. You can book through the phone, text, website, social media, email (your preference) 

* We also do not recommend the use of face masks during a class environment with physical exertion due to oxygen restrictions. However if you should wish to use a mask you do so at your own risk and we do not accept any liability fr any injury sustained


* Book your virtual class

* Receive a easy click link on the afternoon of your session 

* Workout, Socialize and Have FUN from the safety & comfort of your home

* You can use your phone, tablet, laptop or smart tv

* We do ask that you have your camera on and that we can see you during class

* Please have plenty of water


* Wear trainers, unless it a Yogalates class


* Have a safe space to workout in


* Please inform us of any new medical changes. Thank you

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