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Angie & Barbara's - Arctic Wilderness Husky Trail Sledding 260 km for Cancer Research UK

Husky Sledding through the frozen Arctic wilderness for Cancer Research UK because cancer has touched both of our lives.

We are driving our own team of spirited Huskies 260 km across the frozen wilderness of the Arctic from northern Norway and crossing the Swedish border through wild and untouched nature.

This is no ordinary charity challenge!

We will be required to erect our own tents, cook for ourselves and fulfill all camping duties.

In addition to looking after ourselves, we’ll also be responsible for looking after our own team of huskies and living as the Laplanders do.

Our challenge takes place in spring when the daytime temperature is just above freezing and relatively pleasant... hopefully without a snow storm.

However, it can still be very cold at night and temperatures can drop to below -20°C.

Unfortunately everybody will get affected by cancer at some point in their life and we would like to make a difference.

With your help we would like to raise over our £8000 target.

Any contribution would be greatly appreciated.

Barbara & Angie xxx

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