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Break Dance Crew

SPECIAL OFFER for this night only

50% OFF

£3.50 per person

HALLOWEEN Monday 31st October 8:00pm

Let’s get spooky and break a sweat!

Best outfit will win TWO classes of your choice

 With heart pumping music, from lyrical drum and bass, dubstep, dance and remixed   classics discover a full body workout with infectious beats. 


 A perfect mix of: 


  •  Functional Movement 

  •  Fighting Elements 

  •  HIIT training 

  •  Street Dance Aspect 

 Functional Movement - is a movement sequence based on real-world situations. Using   multiple muscle groups and joints at the same time. 

 Get ready to MOVE! 


 Fighting Elements - kick, punch, block, strike. 

 Tap into your inner WARRIOR! 


 HIIT - means high intensity interval training, but don’t let those fancy fitness words   scare you! Just HIIT it! 


 A specially designed bodyweight class to get that body crunching to the beat, becoming   fitter, stronger and with movement variations for all fitness levels. 


 Turn up to your workout to let go, get lost in the baseline and have a fierce team   behind you all the way. 


 This class will not only incorporate your body’s movement but also your vocal cords. It   is guided using a TEAM mentality creating a highly encouraging environment with no   shortage of energy. 


 Just when the going gets tough, you have a gang cheering you on reminding you that   you can do anything for 30 seconds. 


 Getting bored is not an option! 

 Our routines are set to individual tracks so that we can mix it up and maximise your   workout. 


 Set in a very large dimly lit room with nightclub lighting, making it extremely uplifting   and empowering to just be yourself! 


 Three double doors open providing plenty of fresh ventilation at all times 


 What you’ll need: trainers, water, mat or towel and your inner fire!


 Invite your friends! 

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